Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Nicole & Reagan!(::

I LOVE REAGAN!!! Even though we are both in love with the SAME guy and we r fighting for him, I will always love you bc ur my BEST FRIENDDD!!(:: We dont follow the "friendship rules" like, "if your best friend dated a guy and HE DUMPS HER, your not supossed to dat him too" haha we dont let guys get in the way of our friendship!!(:: love you hunny britchess!(:: hehe! I cant wait to see you tonight! We r gonna have soo much fun skyping with Roberto tonight!(:: Cant wait to go hang with Emie tomorrow too!(:: LOVE YOU BOTHH!!!(::


P.S If you guys r wonderin wats up with the wacko smiley face, just dont worry about it!(:: It's a inside jokee!(:: hehe!

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